What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.

The website design process is both an art and a science. As a business, to provide consistency and a high overall standard of quality we follow a proven design framework based on the best best practices of modern website design.

Specializing in the design and development of custom WordPress websites, our builds are designed with the following primary objectives in mind.

  • Engaging Aesthetic
  • Client-safe Backend Environment
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Discoverability (Search)

Case Studies

BridgeTower Media
BridgeTower Media is a publicly-traded business-to-business media company covering legal, financial, real estate and government affairs. The company oversees 44 print and digital publications in more than 20 different U.S. markets.

But what does that mean for MediaCutlet’s role within this robust operation? BridgeTower Media is compilation of 20 different publication businesses, with 400+ employees, all acquired within 18-24 months. All publications share one common challenge – making the transition from a print-first revenue model to digital.

Working as a vendor-partner within a corporate structure means that MediaCutlet can quickly accomplish projects but the implementation goes through corporate rigor with a workforce comprised of Gen X and Baby Boomers.

BridgTower Media Kit


BridgeTower’s turn to digital-first came with the company’s commitment to offer an online-only media kit in 2018.

The MediaCutlet team compiled audience information and product offerings from C-Level executives, Publishers, and sales teams across the country over six months.

Bringing all the information under one roof is only one success of this project.  The other challenge was incorporating this new site built by us into a WordPress multisite network that is managed by an outsourced development team.

  • bridgetower-media-kit
  • bridgetower-media-kit-reach
  • bridgetower-media-kit-audience
  • bridgetower-media-content-calendar
BridgTower Events


Following the success of the Media Kit, BridgeTower tasked MediaCutlet with creating a digital hub for over 150+ events produced by the 24+ business units.

Prior to corralling all of this data and creating a website, there was no one place internally or externally, where one could view the entire scope of events produced by the business units.

BridgeTower produces networking events, award programs, trade shows, and conferences in over a dozen different verticals: Diversity and inclusion, healthcare, real estate, legal, financial, pets, and more.

An important goal was to make the process as simple as possible for BridgeTower to aggregate event information. A spreadsheet template was developed by the MediaCutlet team and circulated throughout the network of businesses. Once complete, the data from the spreadsheet was imported directly into the website database translating this information to clean, front-facing web interface.

  • bridgetower-private-label
  • bridgetower-event-calendar
  • bridgetower-event-map
  • bridgetower-events-2
  • bridgetower-events
BridgTower Microsites


BridgeTower also scales local events to the national stage.

To compete with other regional and national brands, those scaleable opportunities need a unique web presence that provides an intuitive and user-friendly registration process.

Before MediaCutlet Redesign

After MediaCutlet Redesign

Cheney Flashing

Cheney Flashing, a recognized leader in metal fabrication, was acquired by an up-and-comer to the industry, MasterCraft Metals in 2017.

Facing a digital merge between brands without clear direction, MasterCraft turned to MediaCutlet for advice and a digital overhaul.

Cheney Flashing


Several specific needs for this site were required to be met before launch.

The site need to be clean and simple for users. The site needed an interactive products catalog. And the site needed to be easily maintained by Cheney staff.

One site quickly turned into four as MediaCutlet helped the company build out a digital presence for multiple properties under the Cheney umbrella.

Take a look at the original Cheney site for comparison: Cheney Flashing Original Site

  • cheney-flashing
  • cheney-product-catalog
  • cheney-tech-info
Arsenal Transporation


As Cheney expanded they realized they were getting increasingly efficient at the logistics aspect of their business – shipping and freight.

So much so that they decided to incept Arsenal Transportation, a logistics company built to provide the same great service to other industrial businesses.

Cheney Millwork


Not only does Cheney excel in metal fabrication but milling and woodworking has quickly became part of their arsenal.

Custom web templates and a multisite WordPress network built by MediaCutlet has given Cheney the power to erect a web presence for all of their sister brands quickly and efficiently.

Cheney Shop Tables


Cheney Shop Tables, the newest in the lineup of Cheney sites, highlights a subdivision of the company specializing in workbench manufacturing.

Cheney plans on building out several more micro-sites, with the help of MediaCutlet, for additional niche revenue streams.

Cut Sheets
With the impending launch of a new website, other digital needs were made apparent including the need for an updated ordering process.

MediaCutlet has developed custom order form cut-sheets which can be accessed directly from the product catalog within cheneyflashing.com.

These order forms will eventually be converted to a completely digital web interface and client portal slated for 2019.