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MediaCutlet teamed up with Rutgers University Student Affairs to produce this video for their campaign to promote a more inclusive university that embraces diversity.

MediaCutlet aided in the creation of a focal point for a leader in New Jersey industrial real estate development’s website.

Rutgers Athletics hired MediaCutlet to produce the Men’s Basketball Intro video for the 2016-17 season to be played inside of the Rutgers Athletic Center during every home game.

General Pet Supply, based out of Milwaukee, WI, won Pet Age’s Distributor of the Year award for the 2017 calendar. Pet Age is a BridgeTower Media division that covers the pet industry in print, online and through social media.

Jimmy Valvano’s legacy is one that will live on forever; touching hearts around the world. His roots, however, lie in New Brunswick at Rutgers University where he was a player, coach and mentor for the Mens Basketball team.

Liberty Science Center hosts interactive Mythbusters “The Explosive Exhibition” where guests can test out myths previously shown on the popular TV show.

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Mobile First Marketing

MediaCutlet collaborated with the team at Snailz to help market their mobile app launch. Snailz allows you to browse nail salons, book appointments, pay, and post reviews all through the app.

Mobile App Marketing

MediaCutlet collaborated with the team at Snailz to help market their product launch. The app allows you browse nail salons, book appointments, pay, and post reviews all through the app.


The Team


Vincent Velasquez

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Robinson

Media Director

Strato Doumanis

Chief Technology Officer


We create fresh, engaging content. Event highlights, dynamic time lapses, one-on-one interviews, promotional commercials, infographic animations and more.

Using projection technology we turn ordinary objects and surfaces into a display surfaces for video projection. This technology is completely scalable and can be used on buildings as well as small indoor applications or theatrical stages.

Animation and Graphics

We develop fresh ideas and offer a wide range of design services including overlays and titling, communication design, data visualization, and explainer videos.

Drones are becoming ubiquitous with stunning aerial videography. Steadily over the past five years our team has been perfecting the delicate art of aerial cinematography using multi-rotor UAV technology.

Screens and Video Display

Projection systems, HD displays, and LED display for any application. Video packages include optional technician(s) to operate the tech throughout your event.

Specializing in responsive, mobile first, beautifully designed web solutions. Proficiencies include e-commerce engines, blog platforms, custom design, web-apps, integrated with major content management systems focusing special attention to WordPress.

Projection Mapping

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

With powerful video projectors and cutting edge computer software we are able to transform normal spaces, walls, and textures into living, breathing displays.

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